Chikoo Rawa

  • Chikoo Rawa
  • Chikoo Rawa


A sugar-free Chikoo powder contains pure Chikoo granules which are long lasting. Now you can enjoy the taste of real Chikoo's throughout the year. 

It is easy to store & easy to use product.

You can use it to make different kind of sweets like Sheera, Laddoo's, Barfi, Cakes etc. Also it can be used to make milkshakes, custards & ice creams at home where you can manage sugar as per your requirement.

You can also sprinkle pinch of Chikoo Rawa as a toppings on fruit salads as a taste enhancer. 

Subtle taste of Chikoo will go very well with almost everything.

It is best solution for diabetic & health - conscious people.

Packet Size avaiable:

  • Chikoo Rawa - Jar: 125 gms

  • Chikoo Rawa -Pouch: 100 gms